3 Three 3

3 Three 3

I never got around to writing the post I promised everyone that pertained to flying with a 3-month-old and I honestly can’t even wrap my head around doing so now.  I have flown with my little man twice and although every baseball wife I know does it without complaint, I can tell you it is not the most enjoyable experience –  speaking for myself when I say so.

When I flew with Jet he was 3 months and 5 months respectively, and everyone told me those would be the easy times.  I really didn’t believe them, but now that my boy is approaching 8 months I realize that flying with him is progressively more challenging.  He is sooooo active now and refuses to take naps the way he used to.  I am sure I am making this whole experience out to be much harder in my head than it likely would be in reality, – just as I did when we first flew 5 months ago – but I loathe burdening people which subsequently results in me feeling overwhelmed by the idea of inconveniencing all my fellow travelers with my little baby.  I suppose I will have to get over these feelings if I ever want to fly with my child again.

All this being said, since I have this irrational fear of flying with my son, and I have also started working real estate again, I have not been able to visit David since I came back home in April. This means that it has been 3, yes three, 3 months since I have seen him but even harder, since Jet has seen his daddy.  While this year has had its challenges, I am focusing on all of the wonderful things in our lives.

I am so grateful to be home and to have a beautiful place that my family can call home.  For the stability that being home has afforded my child (he FINALLY started sleeping through the night at 6.5 months. Hip Hip Hurray!). For the companionship and love that our four-legged children provide us.  For the help that I have been receiving from my mother and the family. For everyone’s health.  And for the grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Life is beautiful.


Happy Mother’s Day & a Quick announcement…

Happy Mother’s Day & a Quick announcement…

I wanted to write a quick post wishing everyone a happy mother’s day. Today is a very special day after all and all the amazing women out there who have cared for a child, human or otherwise, deserve a whole lot of love.

That being said, when I texted all of my mom friends today, much to my surprise, I received a bunch of “You too’s!” This really got me thinking. What better day than today to announce one of my big surprises?!

You may have guessed it by now, and YES, David and I are expecting our first two-legged child! Since we have four children already that move around on four legs, I felt it worth noting that this one will, in fact, walk upright on only two legs. (I guess we are moving up in the world – pun intended).

So there you have it, folks! David and I are due to have our first human baby on October 31st.  None other than Halloween! I guess my three black cats are a good omen after all. 🙂

‘Till next time!

Three Cats and a Dog 2.0

Three Cats and a Dog 2.0

I remember being in a similar situation a year ago, prior to having spent a full baseball season with David and even before knowing what it would be like to travel with our furry babies. For many reasons, however, I stand today unsure of what to do about our four-legged children this coming season.  Last year proved traveling with our mini zoo to be much easier than I would have imagined, so why am I still on the fence? Ha – totally unintentional pun. 😉

One of our three cats, Julius.

One of our three cats, Julius.

Well, when we left to report for Spring Training last weekend, leaving the babies felt more like abandoning them than a temporary arrangement – despite the pet haven that is my parents’ house. Truthfully, I am not sure if this separation results in more anxiety for them or me.  Our babies seem happy as can be with my parents, yet I still feel like I am neglecting the parental responsibilities I owe my adopted family. I can’t truly say whether or not they are happier with their mommy and daddy, despite the living arrangements, or if a stable environment trumps the love they have for David and me. I just feel like six months is a long time to be apart from your pets – after all, it is more like 3.5 years from their perspective.

As of right now, David and I are very much leaning in the direction of taking our animals with us regardless of the obstacles that we may face with housing and traveling; we see it as a small price to pay for the unconditional love and companionship that they so selflessly provide us.  In the mean time, we are traveling back and forth between Tampa and Miami every weekend possible to spend some time with our children. Coming back home to them yesterday, after five whole days apart, made my heart smile. 🙂

“The honorary Stepford Wife”

Just this week my sister launched her new and improved website – finally.  In said website, she wrote the blog “The Campins Cast of ‘Characters.’”  Here is her description of me:  “The youngest of the Campins women and undoubtedly the one who is always right – just ask her. As an agent of the Campins Company, her tenacity is a cornerstone of her expertise and success. But as my sister and the honorary Stepford Wife, it’s almost guaranteed that we will be on opposing teams… hers naturally including Sofia.”

Although I could easily tell you how I am always right, I thought it would be more interesting to explore the “Stepford Wife.”  Shall we?  As I prepared to write this, I actually googled Stepford Wife.  C’mon, who doesn’t do a little good ‘ol research on google?  Anyway, much to my surprise, I discovered the Stepford Wives Organization at http://stepfordwives.org.   Wow!  There is actually a Stepford Wives organization.  Where can I sign up?  Ok, let’s be honest, this website sounds more like a parody than a legit organization, but the more I read through it, the more I really wanted to apply.  😉

There are a few statements straight from the Stepford Wives Organization of which I 100% agree. Those, I have listed below.  I also enjoyed several hilarious proclamations (that I may or may not disagree with – plead the 5th?), such as: “Stepford Wives Organization believes that as women, we should regard and revere our husband’s decisions as the final, penultimate authority in our lives. Our husbands are our fashion advisors: they decide what we wear. They are our food critics: they tell us what we cook well and what we should and should not cook. They are our political advisors: they decide how we should vote. They are our intellectual guides: they tell us what and how we should think.”  Ok, clearly I do not believe that…or do I?

Moving on to the undeniable truths:
Stepford Wives Organization celebrates the male as head-of-our-household, and the traditional family unit. We believe the traditional family is still a good, sound idea that can be brought into this modern day and age alongside new living arrangements.
Stepford Wives Organization is a website that supports the idea of the homemaking wife who is not only the cheery domestic goddess, but a fantastic dresser, neat as a pin, a lady with good manners, and a gracious, well-behaved, obedient wife who always puts her man first.
Stepford Wives Organization supports and promotes the Stay-At-Home-Mother.
Stepford Wives Organization celebrates the good housekeeping days of the 1950s.
Stepford Wives Organization believes our men are No.1. They are our protector, our knights, and, in Helen B. Andelin’s words, “The kingpin around which all other activities of our lives revolve.” (That is, until we have children.  At that point, be happy as No. 2 thank you very much).

I will continue perusing that site a little later, but now I must address the seriousness of being a housewife.   Really, I’m serious.   If you have read my blog from day one you already know I am an alumna of the University of Miami.   You would also know that I worked at my alma mater for nearly three years after my graduation and that I have also been a licensed realtor in the state of Florida since eighteen.  It goes without saying that by twenty-five I know what it’s like to be employed, an independent contractor and also unemployed.

This past year was the first since I was seventeen that I have been jobless.  The interesting thing, however, is that I am not actually “jobless.”  This is my first off-season as a “housewife.”  That being said, I have never been busier!   I am constantly maintaining the house, taking care of the husband and tending to our animals.  When it comes to taking care of the husband, 75% of that involves his belly.   I don’t know what the average husband eats in a day but I can tell you mine doesn’t stop.  For the first time in my life, I am cooking three times a day.    Wait a second; let me correct that last statement.   For the first time in my life, I am cooking.   I have never really cooked prior to this year.  Sure, I could fry an egg or throw some chicken in the oven (all things I don’t even eat anymore), but I have never proudly prepared recipes that I could share with the family.
I may not be employed or have a 9 to 5, but I don’t stop.    I spend every waking minute taking care of my family.   Even though we don’t have children yet (there goes my life as I know it) and my family consists of a husband and four animals, I am happier than I have ever been.   Now that David is done with baseball and working out again, we wake up at the crack of dawn and get back home in the early afternoon.  Yes, I work out with him.  No, we are not attached at the hip.  Well, possibly at the ramus superior.   Nevertheless, once we are home, I get right back to cooking.   It can be a lot of work but I am thoroughly enjoying it.    Mostly because it makes my husband happy, and who doesn’t love making their man happy?

As if the cooking wasn’t enough to keep me busy, I also happen to be a clean freak.  Having three cats and a dog doesn’t exactly make keeping the house clean an effortless job, yet somehow, I manage.   I try to do a little cleaning everyday, with a deep clean once a week.    As a homebody, my home is my sanctuary and if it’s a mess, I simply can’t relax.    I am pretty sure I do not suffer from OCD, however.  Not in the clinical sense, anyway.
I may be sounding anti-feminist right about now, but I do have a lot of respect for women who work.   Obviously there is a difference between the women who have to work for their own livelihood and that of their family’s, to those who choose to work despite not having to.  Those women, I don’t understand.   😉
Alrighty then, I am done.  Back to the best job ever – being a submissive housewife.

Be The Change, Be the Goodness – a "Major" Perk

For those of you who haven’t taken notice, there are many perks to being a professional baseball player.  While living this life is far from easy, there is tremendous good that can come from being part of the baseball family.  More often than not, I believe that I was placed on this path, alongside David, so that we can touch and enrich the lives of those less fortunate.   As a baseball wife, I have given up my career in order to lift up my husband’s.  I have touched on this numerous times throughout my blog but I sincerely believe that my job in this life is to support my beloved – being the best wife and mother possible.
Out of all the benefits being a big leaguer brings, the one that stands out is the backing you receive for your philanthropic work.  This is the main reason I have had to hold off on starting a Foundation with David.  For a long time now I have wanted to create a 501C3 but as the saying goes- the best things in life are worth waiting for…   I recognize that while there is no certainty in this world and especially none, that David will be a Major Leaguer, I look forward to the day when we can reach large audiences for the purpose of good.
One of my favorite quotes: You must be the change you wish to see in the world. – Mahatma Gandhi 
You have heard this time and time again; it is a fundamental truth and something that one cannot ignore.   We, as responsible beings, given the gift of life, must look within and establish what we want for ourselves in our present existence.    This revelation must begin from your core and transmit into a greater purpose.
You must first begin by entrusting yourself, holding dear the belief that you are willing and able to do whatever you set your heart and mind to do; one cannot accomplish their maximum potential with a disjointed heart and mind.   These changes can begin with a mere step.  Believe, allow your potential to unfold and welcome the change towards a greater you and subsequent world!
For those of you who are loyal readers of this blog, you are aware that I, myself, have found a resounding passion for animal rights.   Although I have only taken a few steps in this journey, I have begun to make the change that I hope will permeate into the lives of many.
Another truthful quote by Mahatma Gandhi that I love and pertains so well to animal advocacy is, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”   I am 100% convinced that compassion and love are what make this world turn.   In order to have lightness we have darkness and with good comes evil.  These are all polar opposites and as such there is an opposition to love, that which is war.    There is so much hope within our nation, yet at the moment we are stuck fighting a war with our pet overpopulation epidemic (more details on this here: The pet revolution starts with you: Spay and neuter your pets).  While our pet crisis may be minor in comparison to other things, it gives light to the greater issue – lack of compassion.  I find that the compassion or lack thereof for animals transcends cultures.  As humans, if we can open our hearts to animals then we are one step closer to understanding what it means to have unconditional love for our fellow humans.
Whether it be for animal rights or another cause you hold dear to your heart (I have many!), I encourage you to take a single step in the right direction and to make a change that you wish to see in the world!
Many blessings and love.
BE THE EXAMPLE.  And as always…BEGR8ER!