An Homage to a Cat Named Thunder

Remember when I posted a few days ago about a 4-5 month old kitten I found and wanted to rescue?   Well fast-forward to today and that cat is currently residing in the downstairs half bathroom and is undergoing treatment for parasites.   The cat who shall now be named Thunder, also happens to be a 2-3 YEAR old neutered male that weights in at a whopping 5 LBS.  Let me just say, yesterday was his lucky day!
It all started when I was out for a walk with Charlie.   I saw a few young girls carrying this cat who had come up to them begging for some food and more so, love.    Despite trying to avoid getting involved, I grabbed my roomie Breanna and ran over to what was now, ring around the cat.  That poor little baby had 6 children sitting around in a circle of what you would think was show and tell.   They were feeding it and giving it milk, which is a NO NO for animals.  Knowing that humans are the ONLY species that actually consume another mammal’s milk just reassures me that being vegan is the way to go.
Nevertheless, I intervened and ran back home to grab water and food.  They were feeding the cat mostly treats and rationing out food that they had from their own cats.  What this poor cat really needed was water, since it was obviously dehydrated, and a good meal free of commotion – throughout this entire process the kids where being loud and frankly obnoxious subsequently scaring the cat.   In the midst of the moment, and due to my breaking heart, I screamed out that I wish I could adopt the cat.   I can look back at that now gratefully, but at the time that was a huge mistake!
The next day I had two little girls knocking at my door asking if I had seen “Oreo.”   My first reaction was “How did you find me?!?”  I am still not entirely sure how they tracked me down but the very next day they found him and brought him to my front door.  Pretty soon thereafter Breanna and her hubby decided they were going to adopt him.    Well it was a done deal!
When us girls took Thunder to the vet, they explained to us that he had been neutered and he was in fact 2-3 years old.    This just broke our hearts even further as we came to the realization that he was, at some point, someone’s cat and most likely tossed out when they moved.   It all made sense now… he is super loving and not afraid at all of people or the dogs, not even big Ol’ Charlie.

Thunder before we took him to the vet. He was camping out in front of our apartment. Poor baby broke my heart.

Thunder is now on his way to being dewormed and well nourished so that we can introduce him slowly to my three cats.    He is definitely a sweetheart and major love bug.   Oh yeah, and did I mention he is black and white!?!   I joke around with everyone in the house that it was meant to be because he is the same color as the house favorite, Julius, who is the friendliest of all!   It also didn’t help that Breanna made a comment just the day before we found Thunder, that it wouldn’t be the same going home to Florida and not having a cat to love on.   There you go!  She put it out into the universe and God definitely heard us.  🙂
In the end it’s a happy story.  Little Thunder won the kittie lottery after a rough start and he will be back to full health in no time.   His love is just a huge blessing!
Below is a video of Thunder sneaking in a bite of Charlie’s food!

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  1. This makes me so happy 🙂 You are a cat protectress that ROCKS! What a sweetie Thunder is. I’m so glad he’ll have a great home with buddies and lots of love, thank you!

  2. Hooray for Thunder! Our Malachi was so skinny when he showed up that he could hardly walk. We thought it was a young female. Took it too the vet and learned it was a male, neutered, and probably around 8 years old. Of course look at him now and you’d never know he was ever thin because he tried to hog the others’ food.

    1. Awe! Malachi is a lucky boy! I have a feeling Thunder is going to get fat quick because he loves hanging out in the kitchen and he runs to Charlie’s food whenever he has a chance. He is a major beggar but ooo so cute. 🙂

  3. Smart kitty.
    I don’t even understand where the “cats love milk” myth came about, considering they’re so lactose intolerant. You don’t see hieroglyphics featuring cats lapping up a bowl in Egypt.

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