A little snake education

A little snake education

Snakes? Really? Well yes…I am writing about snakes.

After deciding to purchase a home in a rural, yet not-so-rural city, we had to learn what it meant to live among gators, water moccasins, hawks, opossums and even coyotes. We have deer crossing signs all over town and most of our neighbors’ properties are greenbelted and full of roaming cows and goats.  Coming from Miami, this was obviously a huge change for us.

Just a few days ago David came across a little snake known as a coral snake in our backyard.  You know the rhyme, “Red touches yellow, kills a fellow”?  Well, that little slithering critter just so happens to be the second most venomous snake and someone we do not want to be sharing a home with.  So as any protective parent would do, David decided he had to kill it before it could hurt anyone. Literally that afternoon, we came to find out that coral snake anti-venom is extremely hard to come by and there are companies that will actually pay you to have them come out and remove the coral snakes for venom harvesting.  Crazy!

Now, this is not the only coral snake that has been seen in our neighborhood so I am sure there are many more.  Needless to say, we will be keeping our eyes peeled for any other snakes that may be living silently among us.  Despite all the dangerous creatures that live near us, we really love where we live and we wouldn’t change it for anything.  At least not right now… 😉

Coral Snake

Our decapitated coral snake. I am sorry, snake lovers. 🙁 I am a huge animal lover but we can’t take any chances with our little baby as well as dog and cats sharing a backyard with him.

3 Three 3

3 Three 3

I never got around to writing the post I promised everyone that pertained to flying with a 3-month-old and I honestly can’t even wrap my head around doing so now.  I have flown with my little man twice and although every baseball wife I know does it without complaint, I can tell you it is not the most enjoyable experience –  speaking for myself when I say so.

When I flew with Jet he was 3 months and 5 months respectively, and everyone told me those would be the easy times.  I really didn’t believe them, but now that my boy is approaching 8 months I realize that flying with him is progressively more challenging.  He is sooooo active now and refuses to take naps the way he used to.  I am sure I am making this whole experience out to be much harder in my head than it likely would be in reality, – just as I did when we first flew 5 months ago – but I loathe burdening people which subsequently results in me feeling overwhelmed by the idea of inconveniencing all my fellow travelers with my little baby.  I suppose I will have to get over these feelings if I ever want to fly with my child again.

All this being said, since I have this irrational fear of flying with my son, and I have also started working real estate again, I have not been able to visit David since I came back home in April. This means that it has been 3, yes three, 3 months since I have seen him but even harder, since Jet has seen his daddy.  While this year has had its challenges, I am focusing on all of the wonderful things in our lives.

I am so grateful to be home and to have a beautiful place that my family can call home.  For the stability that being home has afforded my child (he FINALLY started sleeping through the night at 6.5 months. Hip Hip Hurray!). For the companionship and love that our four-legged children provide us.  For the help that I have been receiving from my mother and the family. For everyone’s health.  And for the grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Life is beautiful.




I used to write long, drawn out posts in which I consciously illustrated my life on this blog weekly and now brevity is my theme.  I promised I would fill you in as to why I have been MIA – and I do mean “missing in action.”  Aside from the fact that I am now a mother and my baby is pretty much my life moving forward, I have also had a lot of change taking place.

This year has been an interesting one for my family and while David continues to pursue the very unstable life of a baseball player, I have come to realize that our son needs more stability than the baseball life can give him right now.  That being said, David and I made the very hard decision to take a break from traveling together. Although it is extremely difficult and heartbreaking having my husband and his son living in two very distant places, it seemed the best decision for all of us.

Subsequently, I have decided to go back to work.  Many of you may already know that I have been a licensed realtor since 2006 and after being a stay at home wife and mommy – to furry babies and now Jethro – for over two years, the time has come for me to go back to work.  This decision, albeit not entirely easy, felt like the wisest investment of my time spent at home. I am starting to realize that even though being a mother is the most rewarding job on the planet, I need more than that to feel complete.  Since being home I have literally gone crazy decorating, adding flowers to my landscape and going slightly overboard on the number of bird feeders necessary to feed the bird population. Clearly, I could either keep spending money trying to keep myself busy, or I could put my extra energy into something more productive and less expensive, like selling real estate.  🙂

At first I wasn’t so sure how happy I would be going back to work but now I am very excited. I feel like this is the direction the universe wants me to go and so I have decided to go with the flow…

Crying baby! Time to go!