Hi! I'm Camille.

Baseball Wife, Mom, & Writer

Camille Campins-Adams

Although an enigma to myself at times, I am your typical loving wife who would stop at nothing to support her husband in his journey towards achieving his highest aspirations.

Since starting this blog, David and I bought our first home, became parents, and transitioned out of playing and into coaching. My main priority is, and always will be, to be the "ROCK" for my children, as well as my best friend and life-partner in his career in baseball.

When reading my blog most would say I have a lot on my mind, but the truth is I am a bit of a philosopher. Ā I have always loved thinking outside the box and dancing to the beat of my own drum. Ā I can be pretty intense when it comes to my writing so you will often find me writing about heavy topics such as destiny and faith, but I really try to ease up the tone with lighthearted posts about parenting and marriage.Below are a few facts about me: My profession is some elaborate compilation of Blogger, Writer, Mommy, and Wife.

I have rescued many animals in my time, including three black cats, and a Labrador, American Bulldog mix which traveled with David and me early in our baseball journey. All our animals have been rescues and I did not get prior permission from the Fiance at the time. What can I say... you can usually cry your way out of any situation. šŸ˜‰ I've loved them all, and I couldn't bear losing them to the inevitable lethal dose back at the shelter.I have a degree in Business Administration from the University of Miami and worked at my Alma Mater as an Events Planner for 2.5 years after I graduated. I am graduating with a Master of Arts degree in Creative Writing in the spring of 2019.I was born and raised in Miami, Florida by two Cuban parents and am bilingual.I am a Cancer born in July and am married to David, a Taurus, born in May.I hope you enjoy my blog and feel free to contact me with any questions.P.S. Ā I tend to write my blogs late at night and am quick to post. Ā  In my delirium, I often make grammatical errors that I pounce on and fix after I'm well-rested. Ā  Please pardon any errors, trust me they peeve me too!

Last Updated: July 2, 2018

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  1. Hello – I fully enjoy your efforts on this site as you chronicle the experiences associated with the life of a professional baseball wife. Best of luck to your husband and enjoy your special journey around the game!

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  3. Cami… I miss you my darling! Now that I’ve found this blog I can keep up with your busy busy life. It’s been too long. Send my love to David, Mom & Katrina. xo

  4. Glad you like the London Lion on my blog. I went to the University of Miami as well! It was shedding the SunTan U reputation when I was there (1971-1975 don’t tell anyone)…..and has really made a name for itself today!
    I too have loved many cats…today we are down to one…but he the best. His name is Sushi Man Cat and at 19.5 lbs he better use that tred mill we got him, the sooner the better!

    1. It is such a small world!! I worked at the Alumni Association for two years managing the Newman Alumni Center so I am veryyy familiar with the SunTan U reputation. =) Your 19 lb cat may need to go for a run! hahahah how cute!

  5. Too true! I live in a townhome and their are 4 of us..five counting me! I volunteered at shelters when I was young, but like working at pet stores, you can get carried away and too many of them find their way home…somehow! One thing you could do is just go to the shelter’s and visit the animals, to help socialize them. You are really sucked in though if you foster one…LOOK OUT! I visit them sometimes even though I am not officially a volunteer there anymore. I think a large cat would be too hard for hide from your husband even in the backseat of your car…so I think your safe there!!

  6. I must admit it was the black cats that drew me in, I have two and have always had an attraction to them. I did enjoy comment about not getting permission from your fiance’ about the pets before hand. Sometimes you just have to go with your heart!

    1. Haha – Thanks! šŸ™‚ Black cats are very special and I am happy to see others feel the same way. I have to admit that when I move this year I will be choosing a volunteer location and although a shelter is my first choice my husband already said that I can’t bring home any more animals. šŸ™ If we were in one city and had a large property it would be a non-issue but at the moment four animals is a lot for us to take care of. Now I am not sure I can volunteer with shelter animals because there is a HUGE chance I will save another baby. Let’s just say I am current seeking wild animal rescues since I am not crazy enough to try and have one of those as a pet! LOL

      1. Me, either! I cry about all kinds of stuff. My husband hates it when I cry, so I try to keep it reserved for only the really big stuff! ha,ha šŸ™‚

  7. love your description on yourself! “I have always loved thinking outside the box and dancing to the beat of my own drummer.” i’m with you! xo

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