The pet revolution starts with you: spay and neuter your pets

One of the causes that is nearest and dearest to my heart is reducing animal overpopulation. I feel very strongly about rescuing homeless animals and do my best at encouraging others to do the same. The key to being effective is in education, however. Knowledge is power! My goal once David makes it to “the show” is to create a foundation that will educate our youth regarding these pressing issues.
In a country where the ratio of dogs and cats to humans is 7 to 1, it doesn’t take much to realize we are in the midst of a pet over-population and euthanasia crisis. The most effective, and quite frankly the only way to alleviate this issue, which has been plaguing this nation for decades, is to be responsible pet owners and spay and neuter our pets.
In America alone, nearly 60% of dogs and over 75% of cats in shelters do not make it out alive. This number jumps substantially in urban areas, where it is not unusual to see numbers as high as 98% for cats and 75% for dogs.
In order to make a dent in the overwhelming number of animals euthanized in shelters each year, approximately 4.5 Million, we need to spread the word and ask all our friends and family to spay and neuter their pets. If we can stop accidental breeding, as well as uneducated breeding, we can significantly reduce the number of pets that end up in shelters across the nation and subsequently, the kill rates for unadopted pets that are otherwise perfectly healthy.
Despite many misconceptions, sterilizing your pets by spaying and neutering them is actually better for them, both biologically and psychologically. Male dogs are much happier and experience less male dominance frustration. Female dogs can rest easy by not attracting unwanted attention from males due to pheromones emitted while in heat. In cats, you will have much fewer issues with marking and you won’t have to worry about the fact that your female cat can get pregnant every 3 months.
We need you to join the revolution. Spay and neuter your pets today!

3 thoughts on “The pet revolution starts with you: spay and neuter your pets”

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  2. Thank you…as a rescuer of a persimmon Husky, a Jack Russell Terrier, and 3 precious cats, I am constantly urging friends, neighbors, family members, people standing behind me inline at Wal-Mart, and everyone else when I get a word in edgewise to please spay and neuter your pets. Our four legged family members are precious and we wouldn’t trade them for the world, but I dearly wish more people would take action.
    Thanks again.
    Be encouraged!

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