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We're so excited you've stumbled upon this little space we created within the BIG world-wide-web, just so that we could connect with you. Via this pretty awesome platform, we educate young aspiring baseball players and their families, on what it takes to stand out in the world of baseball. We start by helping you identify if the path you are currently on is headed straight for your intended destination. Once we get to know you a little better, we set you up with a roadmap so that you can say you did everything you could to reach your goals while knocking a few out of the park in the process.



David and Camille at New York Fan Cave

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 Ok, Camille talking now… From the moment I met David, baseball was a part of our lives. When I graduated from college and shortly after we got married, I decided to stop working in favor of traveling with him while he pursued this crazy dream of becoming a major league baseball player. At that time – 2012 – I started documenting our adventures in baseball together because my passion has always been writing, and I needed a way to release all the craziness that accompanied our lives. David made his MLB debut in 2013 with the New York Yankees, the same year that we welcomed our first baby. Since then, we had another baby boy, and David retired from playing. Now a coach for the New York Yankees, our adventures in baseball do not appear to be slowing down, in fact, I would say we are approaching the adolescent years. Because of this, I decided to start documenting it from a whole new perspective.


Arizona, here come the Adams Family. (Feel free to snap)

By Camille | Sep 2, 2012

Wow, I cannot believe the season is almost over.   It feels like just yesterday that the zoo and I made the 18-hour trip up the east coast.   With only a few games left of the Minor League regular season, we are no longer counting months or weeks, rather, we are now counting days.   Fortunately for …

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I bid thee farewell…for now.

By Camille | Aug 31, 2012

Throughout my blog I have touched on my lack of interest in social media. Having moved this year for baseball season to be by David’s side has opened up my eyes to things I wish I never knew. The expression ignorance is bliss is so utterly true yet with everything out on the Internet, being …

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Be The Change, Be the Goodness – a "Major" Perk

By Camille | Aug 28, 2012

For those of you who haven’t taken notice, there are many perks to being a professional baseball player.  While living this life is far from easy, there is tremendous good that can come from being part of the baseball family.  More often than not, I believe that I was placed on this path, alongside David, …

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Rumor has it you’re green with envy

By Camille | Aug 24, 2012

We all love a little friendly competition; it’s what makes spectator sports so popular.   Becoming a proud fan of a team also helps release your competitive nature, but when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, the only person you should compete with is yourself. When used in a positive way, competition can encourage us to …

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Baseball Fashionistas… Not Really

By Camille | Aug 21, 2012

The other day a very interesting article about the wives of NBA players and their fashion was brought to my attention while perusing twitter. After reading the article it gave me an entirely new appreciation for baseball games and made me only more grateful that David chose to swing a bat for a living as …

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The Unspoken Laws of Baseball

By Camille | Aug 20, 2012

Since this is my first year living with David during baseball season I have become increasingly aware of what goes on in the stands. In the minor leagues the wives are seated in the family section, not unlike Major League games. The main difference, however, is that in the minor leagues, they sometimes mix fans …

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I am me- I am not my attachments, my possessions or the people in my life.

By Camille | Aug 12, 2012

The above is a daily affirmation.  All too often people identify their worth by the totality of their material possessions.  This is an observation that truly saddens me.  Within the past few years I have come to realize that so many people focus on what they cannot have instead of being thankful for what they do have.  …

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The pet revolution starts with you: spay and neuter your pets

By Camille | Aug 11, 2012

One of the causes that is nearest and dearest to my heart is reducing animal overpopulation. I feel very strongly about rescuing homeless animals and do my best at encouraging others to do the same. The key to being effective is in education, however. Knowledge is power! My goal once David makes it to “the …

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Next to every great man is an even greater woman…didn’t you know?

By Camille | Aug 9, 2012

[slideshow]It’s about time that I share with all my amazing readers a little perspective about the lives of baseball players’ wives.    Behind the scenes in baseball, there is strong group of women who stand tall beside the men they support, all while enduring a very illusive lifestyle.   I say illusive because, as with most fame …

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