Baseball Fashionistas… Not Really

The other day a very interesting article about the wives of NBA players and their fashion was brought to my attention while perusing twitter. After reading the article it gave me an entirely new appreciation for baseball games and made me only more grateful that David chose to swing a bat for a living as opposed to the alternatives.
As a counterpunch to that, I decided I would write a post about acceptable fashion in baseball stadiums and add a little makeup to the mix. If you are anything like me, baseball games are the highlight of most days. I am a homebody by nature, always have been and always will be. Thankfully, my husband is the same way so it’s not unusual for us to get lost in our own little world while cuddled up in bed watching movies – best way to spend the scarce off-days.
One of the best parts about the article I read was that dressing up as many as 3 times a week can prove difficult. Let me just get this out of my system…with the number of NBA games per regular season at a mere 82, there are more home stand games in a baseball season than total games in an NBA season. So while the wives of NBA players have to find 41 outfits for home games, us baseball wives need to find 41×2. It goes without saying that some wives may chose to stay home for a few games while others travel with their husbands on the road. All I can say, however, is thank goodness for jeans, tees, baseball caps and jersey dresses!
The biggest differential between basketball fashion and baseball fashion is the line at which you may be considered over-dressed. Let’s face it, I don’t care if your husband is making $10MM a year, if you show up to a BASEBALL game wearing a $2,000 dress, Louboutin heels and a $50,000 Berkin bag, you are OVERDRESSED lady. Now in basketball, you will see this all the time. Honestly though, I completely understand it. Basketball is played in an Arena, where it is air-conditioned, and family often sit on the court. If you have ever been to a basketball game I am sure you would agree that it’s like a fish bowl for those sitting on the court and whether they want to be or not, family is front and center. I personally love when cameras get in their face to welcome them to the game even if they didn’t want to be seen, yet avoiding those pesky lenses is nearly impossible. The great thing about baseball games is that you can run away and avoid that jumbotron – not to mention easily conceal your identity with a baseball cap. Don’t get me wrong, I love fashion but I enjoy my comfort far too much.
Since I don’t get out much, I sometimes like to play-up my makeup and dress up a bit, but when it comes down to it, I usually wear jeans and a nice blouse with flats or sandals. My personal favorite is a jersey dress, but after the 20th time wearing it, you may need to retire it. It’s no secret to those who know me that I love handbags. Through the years I have accumulated quite a collection, so before you think I am being hypocritical, it is fair to say that you may see me sporting a Louis Vuitton or one of my favorite designers, YSL. Still though, I tend to dress down at sporting events in general. Since David and I are still working through the minor leagues I can tell you expectations are far lower than that of a Major League game. I will say this, however, getting called up to the majors doesn’t call for an automatic fashion show. I have heard stories of wives and GFs that went shopping for their husbands’ MLB debut and spent thousands of dollars just to “fit in.” I cannot relate to that one bit, therefore, I will continue to dress the way I do and if the ladies, media or whoever up there doesn’t like it, then they don’t need to befriend me. I have met some of the most amazing, down to earth women since embarking on this professional baseball journey with my husband and I am confident this will be a moot point.
There are a million reasons why I’m grateful David chose to focus his athletic talents on America’s greatest pastime but the relationships we have built top the list. In the past 4 years (not to mention college) I have truly made amazing friends and I am confident David would say the same. There are so many remarkable human beings that are involved in this world and I feel blessed to share myriad experiences with each of them.
Without further ado, my roommate, Breanna, and I took pictures of our outfits the last few days to showcase our baseball game fashion choices. They aren’t professional quality but they can give you an idea of what we like to wear. I hope you enjoy!

This is a simple jersey dress. It can be adjusted for varied looks but this day I chose to cross the front instead of wearing it strapless like I usually do. I am wearing black sandals with this look.

This was my more colorful look. It ended up doing a dark eye and I wanted to wear something funkier than usual. I tend to wear more toned down colors but this is actually one of my favorite outfits. My jacket is from the Hilfiger collection, my tank and jeans are from the gap and my wedges are from Bakers. 🙂

This is one of Breanna’s more dressed down looks. She loves to layer her tanks with jeans. These capris are actually bright pink but it is hard to tell.
This is one of Breanna’s all time favorite dresses. I love that it is colorful and easy to throw on. The best part about these jersey dresses is that they don’t require a lot of effort. She is also wearing cute black sandals.

These are actually the same jeans from the gap that I wore with the pink jacket. I decided to wear them with flats and a tube top from Abercrombie and my favorite sandals from Bakers. That night was chilly so I ended up throwing on a thin cardigan.

I love this little dress Breanna is wearing. She coupled it with a cute pink sweater and finished the look with a belt.

10 thoughts on “Baseball Fashionistas… Not Really”

  1. Forget to shave your legs? Looking pale? Feeling fat? These are the days I so very much love my jersey maxi skirt. I can never find a dress that fits my height appropriately, though.

    1. Ahh, yes! Jersey dresses are the best at concealing. If you are very tall and very short they are a bit hard to fit. I have a few that are too long and I have to wear them with heels since I am only 5’6″ – tall in comparison to most of my friends.

  2. Great post except for one major problem, I don’t see anyone giving major love to Dr. J, Bladiepoo or Tara. I think that’s Dr. J lurking around the shoes in various pictures, trying to sneak into a shot, apologies if I have mixed him up with a fellow house feline. And as a matter of style, I am wondering why you didn’t have all black cats appear in the top picture to really accessorize with the black dress theme?
    Keep up the great blogging, Camille!

    1. Hahah. Well that black and white cat that looks like 1/3 of Julius (my fat boy) is Thunder. Breanna adopted him this season and named him Thunder in honor of our team. 🙂 That furry black tail is Tara’s lol but I was all about the cat cameos. Wish they had been more cooperative. LOL
      Thank you Mark!

  3. … You know I’m usually good for a long-winded reply to your posts, but, not on this one, no way, no how, I know better! … 🙂 … I will just say that you always look stylish no matter what you’re wearing —– Rock on!!

  4. Fantastic post! I love your style and Breanna’s as well – especially that first black dress and the pink capris 🙂 Also, I feel you on handbags. They’re one of my weaknesses, for sure.

      1. Yep, heels can definitely be tricky. Especially if you sit in the nosebleeds, like I often do 🙂 Lots of steps to walk up!

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