I bid thee farewell…for now.

Throughout my blog I have touched on my lack of interest in social media. Having moved this year for baseball season to be by David’s side has opened up my eyes to things I wish I never knew. The expression ignorance is bliss is so utterly true yet with everything out on the Internet, being oblivious takes great effort. The harsh reality I have come to accept is – this is life. Or I should say, life in 2012.
All through college and for David’s career prior to his injury in 2010, I paid little attention to his day-to-day life. We spoke on the phone as often as possible but our schedules were, for the most part, opposite. This year, however, has been overwhelmed by change and by learning experiences. I see David every day that he is “home” and I watch all his games from the stands. When he is on the road I sometimes listen to the radio or watch game tracker. No matter how much or how little attention I pay to his career, the pressure is on and it’s relentless.
About a month or so ago my arm was twisted into joining twitter and in an instant I was on the bandwagon I once professed I would never jump on. I took to it right away and started following all the baseball media outlets. Although I was following some great people, I should have never given so much attention to the baseball scene. Suddenly, my phone became a walking newsfeed for all the happenings in the sport. While this was ok for the first few weeks, after some time it got old. I think that, we, as wives and family of athletes, sometimes forget that our husbands/sons/brothers/etc. play this amazing game for a living. It is no surprise to me that the MLB has strict social media guidelines for players. Even though it is much more exciting than that of most jobs, it is still that – a job. We need to respect it and know where to draw the line. This is a line that becomes ever so vague with outlets like twitter, that expand our accessibility.
Athletes, in particular, live under a microscope. People are always going to have their opinions and understandably so. Nevertheless, those opinions really don’t matter, therefore, why feed into them? Why pay them any attention? Whether they are good or bad, they serve no purpose to us as human beings with bountiful God-given potential. It may be difficult to ignore the articles littered with judgments about your beloved, but that is precisely what needs to be done. In the end you cannot gain anything from reading them – positive articles ignite even the slightest bit of pride inside the best of us and negative ones provoke doubt and fear.
Over and over I have expressed how critical it is in this life to zone out all the “noise.” I have even addressed how adamant David is about paying it no mind, yet, with twitter, this became virtually impossible. While the media is great and here to serve a purpose, it is swarming with gossip. Early yesterday I went through the people I was following and did a mass purge. This was not because I wanted to alienate myself from them, but because I wanted to maintain my focus – our focus. No matter how much I fought having a reaction to all of the gossip, I couldn’t help but suddenly consider myself a hypocrite. Up until this point I was on such a good path and then, in what seemed like a flap of the wings, I was doing the very things I abhor. By paying attention to it I was giving it the power it didn’t warrant.
Fortunately for David and me, I have been able to nip this at the bud. After a liberating day from nagging news, I still felt it wasn’t enough. So with David giving me the nudge, I deactivated my twitter. I can’t say that I will be absent from twitter forever, but I am acknowledging that it really serves me no purpose – not right now anyway. As a society we are extremely over stimulated and losing touch with reality – the things that are truly important in this life. I am making my husband and myself a promise through the stretch of this emotionally and physically draining season, to zone out all the “noise” around us.
I must say, however, that this experience has deepened my understanding and appreciation for social media. Having said that, my gut has never failed me and it is the reason I find myself abstaining from unfulfilling abstract sources. This was yet another experience I can walk away from having learned something greater about myself, and the strength of my relationship with both David and God.

9 thoughts on “I bid thee farewell…for now.”

  1. I think God has had a big impact on your life, and will continue to do so. I know He has mine, and I’m happy for it even though I went through some very trying and difficult times…still do actually…but I always have the comfort in knowing that His Holy Spirit is with me. God bless you and your family, and keep your eyes on Jesus as much as you can…He’s number one sister! God bless you! 😉

      1. Also, I did forget to add, and I apologize, but I think the support you give to your husband is wonderful. The family today is missing that respect, love, and support, and I’m sure you’re such a blessing to your husband.

          1. Aside from my book writing, I am a Nursing Assistant since 1994. Right now though, I’m working part time and doing the other stuff the rest of the time… working on the final two books of my trilogy, cleaning them up. But I love caring for people and helping…so i’m like you in that way. I don’t know if you’ve checked out my page, but the first book is in the process, my agent, Keith Carroll (TD Jakes’, Joyce Meyers’, etc agent–God really blessed me with someone like Him! I am thankful) is currently negotiating contract agreements with varioius publishing companies. The first book is Soul Deceiver, they’re Christian Novels. I tell about the first one on my front page, http://LynLeahz.com Okay, have to run and get my kids now! It was nice talking with you! God bless you and have a beautiful day in Him!!!!! ♥♥♥

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