Let’s Be Raw: Part 2

I ended part 1 of “Let’s Be Raw” by expressing how I had to stop feeling guilty for a minute to take care of me.  After practically 18 months (9 during the pregnancy and 9 postpartum) of inactivity, I was so unhappy with my muscle loss and weight gain that I knew I had to do something about it.

Releasing the extraordinary guilt I felt in taking time to better myself was the key to getting things rolling for me.  The truth is, I am a much happier and healthier person when I am working out and eating clean than I am when I am not taking care of my wellness.  Working out releases endorphins and endorphins make you happy – this is a simple fact.  I have noticed a huge change in myself all-around and I believe I am a better mother, wife, and daughter because of it.

We have one body and we owe it to ourselves, our family and God to honor it.

I could make this post much longer but I think it is better to keep it short and sweet.  Less can be more.





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