Coral Snake

A little snake education

Snakes? Really? Well yes…I am writing about snakes.

After deciding to purchase a home in a rural, yet not-so-rural city, we had to learn what it meant to live among gators, water moccasins, hawks, opossums and even coyotes. We have deer crossing signs all over town and most of our neighbors’ properties are greenbelted and full of roaming cows and goats.  Coming from Miami, this was obviously a huge change for us.

Just a few days ago David came across a little snake known as a coral snake in our backyard.  You know the rhyme, “Red touches yellow, kills a fellow”?  Well, that little slithering critter just so happens to be the second most venomous snake and someone we do not want to be sharing a home with.  So as any protective parent would do, David decided he had to kill it before it could hurt anyone. Literally that afternoon, we came to find out that coral snake anti-venom is extremely hard to come by and there are companies that will actually pay you to have them come out and remove the coral snakes for venom harvesting.  Crazy!

Now, this is not the only coral snake that has been seen in our neighborhood so I am sure there are many more.  Needless to say, we will be keeping our eyes peeled for any other snakes that may be living silently among us.  Despite all the dangerous creatures that live near us, we really love where we live and we wouldn’t change it for anything.  At least not right now… 😉

Coral Snake
Our decapitated coral snake. I am sorry, snake lovers. 🙁 I am a huge animal lover but we can’t take any chances with our little baby as well as dog and cats sharing a backyard with him.

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