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We Want to Go To Daddy’s Game!

Today the boys got their first look at daddy managing a baseball game. Although we only made it through about three innings because of the Florida heat, and the boys weren’t entirely sure why daddy wasn’t playing, it was a milestone for us! This is David’s second year coaching and first year as a manager.  We are still getting adjusted to life away from playing, but this new adventure has been a blessing to our family. 

Watching Daddy's Game
Watching Daddy’s Game
Hi Daddy
Hi Daddy
I am so excited to be here!
I am so excited to be here!

David hasn’t played in a baseball game in almost two years and there are still days I wish the boys would have had a chance to watch him play in the Big Leagues, but regardless of what we wish would have been, this is our story and we are seizing every moment.

God works in mysterious ways, and the things we think are meant for us aren’t always so. Yet now as I write this, I can tell you honestly that the sorrow and feelings of loss over a future that never came to fruition have been replaced with a hope and appreciation for what is to come – and a life so much more fulfilling than I could’ve envisioned.

Often I remind myself of the person I was when David was playing. Go ahead and read some of the stuff I wrote back in 2012… wow!  Although I am the same person in many ways, I am almost a decade older, a lot wiser, and no Stepford Wife! HAHA  Truthfully, David’s retirement from playing has unlocked the deepest desires of my heart; it has helped me to realize that what I want out of life matters as much as David’s baseball ambitions. It has also forced me to reevaluate my goals and aspirations which ultimately led me back to school in pursuit of a Master’s degree.

We started off on a little dirt road not long ago and began building our roadway one brick at a time.  Each brick placed carefully and intentionally. We still encounter potholes and diversions but life smells so much sweeter now. Our senses awakened.

At 31, David and I are still young.  I kid around that I am getting old, and boy does that feel like truth when I look at how fast my boys are growing, but God-willing, we have so much to look forward to.  David’s professional playing career was a short season in our lives, and a beautiful one at that, but we have transitioned into a season that I know will bring far greener pastures.

I want to leave you with this Sanctus Real song, Confidence, just because I am obsessed with it at the moment and the chills that it gives me every time I hear it are a testament to its ability to speak to my soul.  I have included it below for your viewing pleasure. I hope you will watch it, and maybe leave it on repeat like I have done over and over again.  Keep scrolling down to the bottom of the page so you don’t miss a cute little video I took of Jethro during the baseball game today.

Until next time…xoxo


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