Oh, say can you see…why July is the best month ever!

This post is primarily about my love affair with July.   Maybe I am biased, but I am particularly fond of this oh so amazing month.   First, let me start off by admitting that my birthday is in July, and while that may or may not be my reason for loving the month (getting older is a blessing, but not exactly fun) it sure is a bonus.
Also, who doesn’t love the summer?  July is sandwiched right in the middle of this amazing season and despite it being hotter than the hot flashes menopausal women may have had during their viewing of “Magic Mike” this past weekend, it is the time to enjoy the beach, the water and the sun.
July is also the month that our wonderful country was born.   July 4th is a favorite among favorite holidays for not just me, but for manyyyy people I know.   Who doesn’t love fireworks and who doesn’t love another year of independence and freedom?    I sure do!!!
As the 7th month, July is also the halfway point of the year.  It is the pinnacle, the crescent, the turning point towards the finish line.    It is also pretty great that July is 6 months away from Christmas, 5 months away from Valentine’s Day and 2 months away from Mother’s Day, meaning I won’t ever have to worry about my celebrations being “combined.”  🙂  …Well, that is if I don’t have any July babies, something I wouldn’t entirely be against!
July is also in the middle of baseball season, and while this usually makes celebrating my birthday difficult, it tends to fall around All-Star break which means time off.  Hopefully David won’t always get the All-Star break “off” but it is a more relaxed and fun part of the season.
This is actually the first time in, well, FOREVER, that David and I will be able to spend my birthday together – when I looked at the schedule a few weeks ago and realized, I was elated!  Not only will the team be in town, they have a day game which means we can celebrate appropriately!   Woohoo.
I am not one to celebrate my birthday usually, I don’t believe in parties or a bunch of presents, but the one person I have always wanted to celebrate with is David.   I was hoping we would get the chance to celebrate his birthday as well this year but unfortunately it was a travel day for the team.   This was also the case with other wives whose birthdays just passed.   Knowing that they didn’t have the luxury of having their husbands in town makes me feel so blessed to say that I will!
Our anniversary, Valentines day, David’s birthday and my birthday are all days that we have had to learn to celebrate around baseball.   Although we live together, we rarely have the chance to truly “see” each other.   With all of the games, traveling and busyness of day-to-day life, the season is a time where we go, go, go like the energizer bunny.   Due to all the craziness, we are lucky if we have a handful of days amidst the 160+ days we are here, to go out to dinner together or have any sort of date night, making my birthday this year all the more special.
I am sure I am missing a million other reasons why July is so great but I will end here.   I hope you all have the opportunity to enjoy your summer and happy 4th of July!

4 thoughts on “Oh, say can you see…why July is the best month ever!”

  1. You are aborable!!!! I am the mother of a minor league player and can relate. I will continue to read your blog since my husband just found it. I just loved it!!! He too has a baseball blog… Ah the life of baseball! Have a wonderful ride on this part of the journey to the bigs! Good luck to both of you! My sons ride is in the royals system. Happy Birthday!!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I am so happy you two found my blog and I hope you enjoy reading it! I will try to find your husband’s blog too. I am always looking for good blogs to read. 🙂 Thank you for the kind birthday wishes too!

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