Baseball on a Budget

After the many posts I have written regarding the glamour or lack thereof, in Minor League Baseball, it would come as no surprise that us, baseball wives, are always on a budget.  While I can bore you with living expense budgetary matters, what I am really talking about right now is fashion baby!
When many minor league wives are fortunate enough to be called up, it can be a bit of a shocker.   I have heard numerous stories of rookies seeing veteran wives dressed to the nines, flashing 5+ CT wedding rings, Christian Louboutin shoes and Berkin bags.    Stay with me fellas… everything I just mentioned spells MAJOR $$$$.    While not every wife feels the need to spend a college tuition’s worth on their wardrobe, being on a budget isn’t so much an issue for these wives.
For those of us enjoying the journey in the minor leagues, we live on a much, much, much…ok you get the point… smaller budget.    Nevertheless, a girl still has her needs.   While I can say that I am pretty good about saving money, I still get my urges to indulge in a spectacular piece, or two, or three…
When I decided to quit my comfortable job and abandon luxury real estate sales in Miami for the role of housewife this season, I had to minimize my wardrobe to a mere fraction of its original size.   For a girl who owns a good 200 pairs of shoes and another 20 handbags, enough to pay off my car I suppose, this was no easy feat!  In all honesty, minimizing my life was the most liberating thing I have ever done.   I was so used to having more than I really needed that it gave me a chance to step back and assess what was truly necessary.
In order to avoid biting off more than I can chew and having to drive back to Florida with twice as much as I drove up with, I have been curbing all my desires to “home-up” our living space as well as buy additional clothing.   Ask any girl here and she will tell you that attending over 70 baseball games with the same tiny closet of clothes becomes a challenge.   I should preface this by saying that I borderline hate shopping, but let me just add that when the guys are out of town on an away series, the mall screams your name.   I used to make fun of my mother for years about her retail therapy, but now I know it’s a real thing!
Getting to my point…I spent the past few days with a fellow wife and her adorable little girl on a shopping adventure.   It was quite the 2-day event since I have never gone shopping with a three-year-old girl but I had a blast!   Yes, my legs and feet almost gave out on me a few times once my endorphins dried up, but it was so worth it.   Endorphins when shopping?  Absolutely!
Anyway, while on our shopping adventure I found these crossbody handbags I have been dying for!  I have suffered from back issues and carrying a huge bag to every game has been killing me!   So for the first time EVER, I consulted the husband on my purchase.   This is something I used to make fun of women for doing back when I worked retail but I totally get it now.  Fortunately for me, I have a birthday coming up in less than two weeks and my husband was delighted to say yes.

Just because we live on a budget doesn’t mean we can’t look fabulous.   We learn to make the best of outlet malls and places like TJ Maxx and Home Goods is the next best thing to a therapist.   LOL… I am only sort of kidding!    Lets face it, who doesn’t love a steal!?    Saving money feels way to good, so why pay full price for designer goods ever again!?

Disclaimer:  A girl can dream, so while saving is AMAZINGGGG, don’t hold it against me if one day I flaunt a pair of red bottoms…  For those of you who haven’t received the memo those are the Louboutins.  😉
Happy shopping!

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