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The Life of a Toddler

1. Wake up before the sun rises
2. Skip the coffee

I can’t say for certain if every toddler is this way, but I am pretty sure every model comes with two modes – Go and Off. As far as I know, my son is on the run or asleep. He is like the energizer bunny; It seems like he will never run out of power, but just when I feel like I’m going to crash hard into the ground he shut off and goes to sleep.

I recently made a commitment to start living a more active lifestyle and I can honestly say that I am living up to that promise.  Even though my intentions of doing a workout DVD or going to the gym more often are not going as planned, my activity level has increased substantially.  When I wrote my last post, David was still home to help with Jet. When he left for Spring Training my mothering duties got REAL.  My little man is so incredibly attached to me right now and all he wants to do is drag ME around the house, the yard, and everywhere he desires.  This doesn’t sound so bad, but the problem is I AM NOT A TODDLER. I do not in any way shape or form have his energy.  Trust me – I wish I did.  I just don’t.  Maybe it’s because I am pregnant, or maybe that is a cop out. Maybe it’s a combination of being pregnant and just not having the energy I wish I had, but either way, I get a good 12 hours of daily exercise.

Up until recently, I was carrying Jet all over the place. He wanted to go outside for a walk, but he didn’t want to do any of the actual walking.  Thank goodness one of my neighbors mentioned I should try using his stroller again and it was genius! Now, Jet loves to be strolled around the neighborhood… about 24879346 times a day.  All this walking will at least ensure I don’t go past my due date – right?!

I will say that my body has been aching a lot lately and I am sure it will only get worse as my belly gets bigger, but there is so much that I am loving about these days. With only 4 months left until we welcome another boy into the world, I am taking every moment to spend quality time with my little man.  I adore him more than words can say and I am soaking up this time with him.  Pretty soon he’s going to have to share me with his brother and I am not sure how he is going to cope with that.  I am optimistic that he will be so in love with his brother that he won’t mind sharing me, but then again toddlers aren’t always the most reasonable human beings.


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Nevertheless, I am going to cut myself some slack for not “working out” in the traditional sense because I know I am getting plenty of exercise and I have the best workout buddy I could ask for.

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  1. Hi, Camille.
    I loved your show, “Hot Listings Miami,” and enjoyed how your lovely family all worked together. Your Mom seems like the sweetest lady. In the last episode I saw, Katrina got married. How is she and do they have children?
    I am a wife and mom to two wonderful little boys, and am philosophical and am into astrological theory too! I wish you and your family all the best.
    Kind regards,

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