Scottsdale Stadium

My Arizona Fortune

Sorry I have been so absent! It has been a crazy few weeks, well, with the election and American Airlines losing my luggage. Oh yeah! I haven’t told you all about that fiasco. My bag tag got switched with another flier’s and my suitcase ended up on vacation in Lima, Peru. The nerve. I’ve never even been to Lima and now my bag thinks it can just take off without me? Rude!

Anyway, 72 hours, a few new outfits and a small makeup fortune later, I was finally reunited with my suitcase. Things could definitely be worse and I am just glad I landed in Arizona in one piece, but seriously, you don’t mess with a woman’s makeup, shoes, and clothes. Didn’t American Airlines get that memo?

Since arriving in Arizona I’ve been able to enjoy a few of David’s games. The Rising Stars game was on Saturday and I was elated to be in town for it. We honestly didn’t even plan that out and the timing happened to be perfect. Divinity, I suppose.

Scottsdale Stadium

There really isn’t much to report from here, boy, I never thought I would be at a loss for words unless of course, you are interested in hearing me rant about politics, but I rather spare you. Truthfully, I have been busy with my freelance writing and as of late I’ve been a guest blogger on My Political Rants. I am really enjoying it and even considering getting more involved in politics given the dire need for an uprising in young conservatives, but I won’t get into that here. If you are interested in reading more about my views I encourage you to check out Derrick Coleman’s blog.
Enjoy the rest of your week!

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  1. It takes courage for a Conservative to speak up in the cyber-world these days let alone a Conservative woman where the hatred, anger and flat out obscene attacks are now the norm and a big part of the liberal game plan. Sad. When we look back at garbage that was dumped on Stacey Dash (and countless others) for supporting their guy, WOW, it shows how far down the toilet the political scene has become. Especially from that side. It’s scary actually. So, “bravo” to you Camille for standing up and being counted and I hope you do dabble a bit more in the world of politics, I think you would be great. Assuming you have thick enough skin to handle the verbal bullets that will be shot your way as you write more — I bettting that you do. Peace and love always! Tom

      1. Wow, you talk about thick skin! I get chewed out, argued, ridiculed, hated, and scorned constantly..and I’m a sensitive person. Boy have I had to grow some thick skin. I just got chewed out by somebody I don’t even know for having my posts go to linked in..told me that stuff doesn’t belong there. I never solicited this person at all..then he claims to be a Christian. I got so mad I literally brought him to shame without a single bad word. It’s hard to be like Jesus when the world hates you and opposes you…truly. I don’t think you can ever grow skin thick enough dear sister… they’ll always attack you, and at times, it hurts. You just have to swallow hard and walk on…very very hard.
        Be warned of one thing.because you said you are a fairly new Christian (I know you were talking about politics here..but just in case…) there are many who call themselves Christians but are not. That sounds awful, I know, but they are preaching false doctrine, spreading lies, deceit, and living in a lukewarm state. It is disheartening.
        You will know them by their fruits, the Bible says. If they’re getting angry and being nasty and forceful on you, or very argumentative…you will know something is not right. They are the ones you have to watch out for..the ones who come looking for a fight..whether it’s about conservative politics or your faith… my advice, never let them tear you down! Come back stronger, bolder, and stand your ground. That’s what I’ve had to do…and believe me, it’s not easy.
        People are so filled with hatred and contempt anymore. You notice that? Whether you’re driving down the street, at the grocery store, or on the net..they’re just plain cold and rude for the most part. It is very disturbing.
        Okay. Sorry to ramble on! LOL!!! I am all fired up from the linked in encounter! ha ha ha! Shame on me!

        1. Haha yes! I agree with you 100%. Not sure I could ever develop skin thick enough but I will try my best to be strong. As far as Christians go…I know there is a lot of false doctrine and deceit and more than anything I can see a fake Christian from a mile away. Some are harder to spot out that others but for the most part, many are lost. Thank you for your kind words!

          1. You mean ‘thank you for your rambling on?’ LOL!!! I’ve had a really difficult life, mostly by my own rebellion and own choice, so I guess I’ve learned to take a few punches here and there and not be too traumatized! I was homeless at 18, waited on the bus in freezing rain in nothing but ripped jeans, canvas sneakers with holes in them, no socks, and a paint-stain splattered sweat shirt. My coat was torn and did not zip. It was awful. I was abused and taken advantage of by so many people… I found places to stay..don’t get me wrong, I never had to sleep on the street or on a bench..but I had no home to really call my own.
            I stayed with a different person every few weeks…and it wasn’t men..it was always couples who were cruel and took everything I had, treating me like their cinderella slave. I am glad that part of my life is over with. That’s for sure.
            I remember I was bitten by something, and I had to limp through downtown with a swollen ankle to a doctor’s office who refused me. I finally made it to a hospital..I have a big scar in the left side of my calf near my ankle from that. I was told it was a brown recluse spider (unsure if I spelled that right). I guess I’m lucky to be alive after that! Those bites will kill people.

          2. Yes He was. I was rebellious and did awful things…but He was with me..for some reason! LOL I don’t know why. I was the epitome of sin and rebellion.. I guess because He knew my heart..I just wanted to be loved and accepted..but I was looking for it in all of the wrong places. From the ninth grade I starved myself and partook in bulimia-rexia, dropping down to 64 (approx..give or take a few) pounds. I looked like a skeleton…you ever see the awful pics of anorexics? That was what I looked like. I had to be hospitalized, nearly died.. I actually did see death next to my bed once..and it was the ugliest thing I have ever seen in my entire life! It was grayish white and looked like that thing in Indiana Jones that comes out of the ark..but not the beautiful angel face you see at first..the thing it turns into..but worse. I wasn’t dreaming either. I’d probably be in hell right now if God hadn’t had mercy on me. I was soon looking donw at myself in the bed, like looking through a misty veil. There was pressure, and I couldn’t speak at all. So I thought “jesus help me” over and over until I was back in my bed. Come to find out later, I had ‘had’ a heart attack at some point during this time.
            I was also, as a teen, in a car that nearly exploded because there was a fire by the gas tank. I was almost miscarried. I almost died as a baby from severe abnormal colic. I’ve had a lot of close calls. I give God thanks every single day that I awake for one more day to do something right. I am so appreciative that He saved me from death that one day in my bed…He gave me another chance for some reason.

          3. Nooo…thank you though! I was real rebellious and bad. I didn’t mean to be. I was lost in emotion and lost in trying to find who I was and was looking in the wrong places, as I’d mentioned. But now, after all of these things, I have real faith. If you lose everything and have nothing, and you haven’t a single person, place, or thing to put faith and trust in, you have no choice but turn to God and trust Him, because you have no other options. I was so rebellious it took my losing everything and being forced to lean on Him to see the truth. He even sent strangers to me with messages, and still I did not listen. I had people stop me in public and say “God loves you!” I would say, “OH, thanks..God loves you too!” And start to walk away…they didn’t let go of my hand, “No..you don’t understand…God really does love you!” And it was different…it was with meaning…in their eyes..their face. THen they’d say, “Surrender! God says for you to surrender!” I had this happen on several occasions.. One other time, I was meeting with a gentleman about a book I already have published under my real name (after hearing your story, you’d love it!) He kept staring at me weird, when finally, he asked, “Does that cross you’re wearing mean anything, or is it just decorative?” I said, “Oh, it means something and it’s decorative.” He responded, “I don’t know how to say this and I’m embarrassed…this is the first time God’s done this to me..but He wants me to tell you to surrender..” Surrender surrender…constant messages. Still, I wouldn’t surrender my life and my will. I did not know how. I wanted to do what they were telling me, but I didn’t understand.
            SO I had a dream..in the dream my grandma, who is dead, was with my brother and they were reading from the book of Psalms. I came over and inquired as to what they were reading. My grandma pulled it away and said, “This is not for you to read..you wouldn’t understand. When you fully give your life to God, you will understand this.” I was traumatized in my dream that I wasn’t included and that my grandma said such a thing.
            But now I understand. I would never understand fully what the Lord had to say to me, or what was in His Word, until I gave up my life and let Him live it for me. Until I stopped doing what I wanted to do and started saying, “Lord…is this what you want?” And let Him lead me.
            I’m sorry I’m taking up so much of your blog post here..btw! I do apologize! If you’re ever interested in my ‘other’ book, email me privately and I’ll tell you. I don’t want to give out my real name to the public 😉 God bless you! And thanks for being a friend and listening. Sometimes it’s nice to have someone to listen and speak with you. You’re an angel!

          4. You too! And yes..I make a lot of people mad..for some reason..and my books will make ‘some’ people mad..so have to protect myself. Blessings! And thanx for listening!

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