Tick Tock

I can’t believe Spring Training is almost over.  It feels like just yesterday that I went to the first game, an exhibition against USF at Steinbrenner Field.   I have been visiting David every other weekend since, and after only a few days in Tampa last week, I have a darker tan than I’ve had in three years! LOL
I am seriously getting excited for the season to start and with less than 2 weeks left until opening day, my resting heart rate is accelerating.
I’m heading to Tampa again next week to spend a few days with my hubby since I won’t be moving until the end of April and it will be over a month before I get to see him again.   I truly forgot what it was like to go to baseball games after two years of not seeing him play.   It is astonishing to think that so much time has passed since he hurt his foot and has been able to play a full game of baseball at second base.
I have always felt 2012 would be a groundbreaking year but I really do believe this year is going to be great.   Not only do I feel David is going to have his best year ever, I am going to have a blast being with him!!   I mean he is my husband after all – we should be together!   I can’t believe it has taken me this long to realize it.  Sigh…

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