I read it in the stars.

If you know me, you also know that I love astrology.   I own as many astrology books as I do coffee mugs.   Yes – I am a self-proclaimed coffeeholic!   I have swayed back and forth between obsession and mere intrigue when it comes to astrology.

From a very early age, I had a fascination with the Universe.   I found it enchanting and purely awe-inspiring.   I was always looking for answers and I would watch hours of TV shows in order to educate myself.   Due to the level of magnetism the Universe has on me, it is only natural that I am drawn to astrology.

For those of you who don’t know me, I was born in July and I am a proud moonchild, AKA Cancer.   I married an amazing Taurus and yes, we are compatible signs.   I found it to be no coincidence that we started dating at 14 and that we are married today, with our relationship beating all odds.

When I say that I am into astrology, I am not your typical, “I read my horoscope today” type girl.   To really understand the influence astrology has on your life, you need to order your natal chart from a professional astrologist.    Horoscopes are generalized, and I can say that they are as often inaccurate as they are spot on.    This is because each person born under a particular sign, has myriad variables, i.e. Planets, Moons etc. in varying degrees affecting their charts.   It is not until you have a personalized natal chart that you can really understand your astrological influences.

If you haven’t already done so, I encourage you to order your natal chart report.   If you are not a believer, I can tell you, neither was my husband.  Once I ordered his chart he couldn’t deny the accuracy, and even though he doesn’t  like me to read him his horoscope each day, he does believe in the science.

A great and easy way to order your chart is through my current astrologist’s site, http://solarisastrology.blogspot.com/p/get-your-own-chart-analysis-chart-wheel.html.  Paul is a great astrologer and I love that you can order an in depth analysis of your chart online and you get it back as a PDF.   If you are still skeptical, you can read his blog.  He does charts for many famous people and they will give you an idea of what you will receive, although I can say yours will be much longer and more in depth.

Often, when I have doubts I look to astrology for guidance.   To say that it is anything like seeking a psychic for answers is absolutely inaccurate.   Astrology is a guide, it does not claim to have the “answers” but it can open your eyes to opportunities.  I can tell you that my decision to move with David this year is written in the stars and I have known that the opportunity would be there for some time now, but it was ultimately my decision to make, regardless of what the stars said.    I had to Will it to happen; simply knowing the stars were on my side wasn’t going to be enough.    This is a prime example of how you can utilize astrology to guide you through life altering decisions.

Aside from that, I love that astrology can explain my enigmatic self.  🙂   I use it as my defense when my mom or sister think I am crazy, although they are FAR crazier than I will ever be.  Truth is, Cancer is a very complex sign.   We have ever-changing moods courtesy of the wonderful ruling “planet” we call our Moon.  There is a lot about my personality that I couldn’t explain and astrology has no reservations doing so.

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