Home sweet (home)

Well, we lost.   That is, the Trenton Thunder lost.   It was a tough Championship series and we just couldn’t pull through and win three out of five.   The loss was emotional for most because it meant going home.  It meant leaving new friends and a team that we may never play with again.    The moment we lost it was time to close another chapter in our book and open a new one.   Time to move forward.
Once we got back to the apartment we started packing immediately in order to get on the road the next day.   After a few hours of sleep and many last minute details to take care of, we finally left Pennsylvania at 11 AM.   I jumped in the SUV with our three cats and pup while David followed behind me in the car.  Yes, that’s right, we had to drive two cars all the way back to Miami.   After two days of driving we made it back in one piece and began settling in.  We are getting comfortable back home, albeit, David will be leaving for Arizona before we know it.  In the meantime, we are trying to enjoy the time we have in Miami before he has to get back to playing baseball.

Hour one of our drive down to Miami with Charlie as my CoPilot.
Since being an athlete is a year round job, despite what others think, David and I got right to working out again.   When athletes aren’t in season, they are working hard at getting in tip top shape in order to start the next season stronger than ever and David is no different.   We went back to working out at My Speed Trainer in Broward County with David’s long time trainer Ed Winslow.   MST is where he does all his speed, agility and lifting.  Part of our days also include going to the baseball field to work on hitting and fielding.   The reality is, an athlete has no time to rest.   The off-season is not a vacation; it is another grind.    The nice thing about the time away from playing everyday is that you get to take a day or two off every week, like a normal person, and you also get to see your family.  These are things that are very scarce during the season.
David (Left) and Ed Winslow (Right) at MST after their workout Day 1.
That’s all for now, but I will touch base once I am in Arizona with the Hubs.

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  1. Dogs and ball players. A combination we’ve had in my house many times. Sadly, the ball players are long gone, but the dogs are still keeping us company (and driving us nuts!). Congratulations on a great season, even if it came up short.

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