Our Wedding Day

Here we go again…?

While searching for inspiration, I have decided to look within.   It has been a tough couple of years but the fruits of your labor are always sweeter when you give more of yourself and dig deeper to bare them.   I truly enjoy writing but I have never given myself to it entirely.   Truth is, for the past few years I have sat on the sidelines (pun loosely intended), in an attempt to wait out the unpredictability of my partner’s career in baseball.   Unfortunately, my husband has been injured for the better part of two years but this year he is back and stronger than ever.   I am going to commit to documenting our adventures in 2012 which are in large part unknown.   To move or not to move, to work or not to work, to travel with our 4 beautiful animals, or to stay in the Magic City of Miami and await that potential Call Up?  There is much to be determined and much to be discovered but the journey is the fun part and in the end we are the sum of all of our experiences, so why not live them up?!

I made a promise to always be there for him, to have unwavering faith in our marriage and our vision.   Welcome to my life and my experiences and I hope you enjoy the ride.

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