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We're so excited you've stumbled upon this little space we created within the BIG world-wide-web, just so that we could connect with you. Via this pretty awesome platform, we educate young aspiring baseball players and their families, on what it takes to stand out in the world of baseball. We start by helping you identify if the path you are currently on is headed straight for your intended destination. Once we get to know you a little better, we set you up with a roadmap so that you can say you did everything you could to reach your goals while knocking a few out of the park in the process.



David and Camille at New York Fan Cave

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 Ok, Camille talking now… From the moment I met David, baseball was a part of our lives. When I graduated from college and shortly after we got married, I decided to stop working in favor of traveling with him while he pursued this crazy dream of becoming a major league baseball player. At that time – 2012 – I started documenting our adventures in baseball together because my passion has always been writing, and I needed a way to release all the craziness that accompanied our lives. David made his MLB debut in 2013 with the New York Yankees, the same year that we welcomed our first baby. Since then, we had another baby boy, and David retired from playing. Now a coach for the New York Yankees, our adventures in baseball do not appear to be slowing down, in fact, I would say we are approaching the adolescent years. Because of this, I decided to start documenting it from a whole new perspective.


David and me at MLB Fan Cave

A conversation with Camille and David Adams

By Camille | May 31, 2013

Fun times with Mark Newman and the MLB Fan Cave Dwellers.

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Arizona Fall League

The Afters’ "Light Up the Sky"

By Camille | May 19, 2013

As my twitter followers may know, I have been very excited about David’s walk-out song this year. I absolutely love the lyrics and the fact that it gives us the opportunity to Glorify God is the best part. That being said, ever since David got called up to the Majors he hasn’t had the chance …

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Mother's day tea and flowers

Happy Mother’s Day & a Quick announcement…

By Camille | May 12, 2013

I wanted to write a quick post wishing everyone a happy mother’s day. Today is a very special day after all and all the amazing women out there who have cared for a child, human or otherwise, deserve a whole lot of love. That being said, when I texted all of my mom friends today, …

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Baseball Bleachers

The Tides of Change

By Camille | May 8, 2013

Well, it has been a long time since I have written a post. This spring has been a whirlwind for David and me, in a multitude of ways. I have been standing at a crossroads the past few months that left me struggling with opening up about our baseball life. A great portion of our …

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Baseball Stadium

Can you hook ME up with a ticket?

By Camille | Apr 7, 2013

Amen, Dallas! I have touched on this before but I think this is definitely worth a re-blog. Below is Dallas Lato’s previously posted piece from “So I Married a Baseball Player.”  “Contrary to popular opinion,  MLB players do not have free tickets to hand out for every game. If they did, I’d be doing twitter ticket …

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Sky Open Arms

Praise You in This Storm

By Camille | Feb 18, 2013

It was just before 7 AM and I was on my way home this morning after dropping David off at the baseball complex. Suddenly, a song that I have heard a million times over began playing on the radio, but this time I felt like it was speaking directly to me. Life has its ups …

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Faith and Politics

My Mixed Feelings About The Influence of Athletes

By Camille | Feb 9, 2013

I was skeptical about writing this piece, but after much introspection and a few days, I felt compelled to proceed. Not long ago, Pro Athletes Outreach tweeted the story Pro Athletes Influence Society More Than Pastors, Say Two-Thirds of Americans. Then a few days later, a fellow blogger posted Most Americans Consider Pro Athletes More …

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Our Wedding Day

Two Hearts, Forever One

By Camille | Feb 6, 2013

This post is dedicated to my soul mate…My best friend…My partner for life. I love you with the entirety of my heart and with every fiber of my being. I loved you yesterday. I love you today. I will love you tomorrow. I will never stop loving you. Happy Anniversary!

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My Life as a Baseball Wife

A typical off-day

By Camille | Feb 4, 2013

I can’t get enough of my love-bugs. Excuse me if you will, but this should warm your heart. Besides, it is totally baseball related; This is how David spends his typical off-days. 😉 [wpvideo A7AJvcVH]

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