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We're so excited you've stumbled upon this little space we created within the BIG world-wide-web, just so that we could connect with you. Via this pretty awesome platform, we educate young aspiring baseball players and their families, on what it takes to stand out in the world of baseball. We start by helping you identify if the path you are currently on is headed straight for your intended destination. Once we get to know you a little better, we set you up with a roadmap so that you can say you did everything you could to reach your goals while knocking a few out of the park in the process.



David and Camille at New York Fan Cave

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 Ok, Camille talking now… From the moment I met David, baseball was a part of our lives. When I graduated from college and shortly after we got married, I decided to stop working in favor of traveling with him while he pursued this crazy dream of becoming a major league baseball player. At that time – 2012 – I started documenting our adventures in baseball together because my passion has always been writing, and I needed a way to release all the craziness that accompanied our lives. David made his MLB debut in 2013 with the New York Yankees, the same year that we welcomed our first baby. Since then, we had another baby boy, and David retired from playing. Now a coach for the New York Yankees, our adventures in baseball do not appear to be slowing down, in fact, I would say we are approaching the adolescent years. Because of this, I decided to start documenting it from a whole new perspective.


New York Yankees V New York Mets

The One Thing That Still Pains Us to Speak About…

By Camille | Sep 17, 2018

In light of the news that David Wright will be retiring from baseball, I wanted to address something that is very painful for David and me to talk about, and yet the defining line in the sand: his retirement.  I have opened up about David’s reason for retiring here and there throughout this blog – …

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Love Grows Best in Houses Like This

By Camille | Sep 10, 2018

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Can I just start by saying how much I love my friend Cindel?  She and I met back in 2011 when we were working together at the University of Miami Alumni Center and instantly became best friends.  She and I are polar opposites…literally.  She is a Capricorn and I am …

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Brooks is SWAT

The magical lives of kids.

By Camille | Aug 20, 2018

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I was driving in the car with my mother the other day and she said: “I just now feel like I could be in my thirties.” My sister and I have always joked that my mom thinks she is a teenager.  She is young at heart, despite her body telling …

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This is why I didn’t want to share our lives with you…

By Camille | Aug 14, 2018

When I decided to take a break from writing about my life as a baseball wife back in 2015 –  and if I am honest, 2013 when David could officially call himself a major league baseball player, because everything I wrote after that point was smoke and mirrors and empty promise after empty promise to …

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David Adams

We Want to Go To Daddy’s Game!

By Camille | Aug 4, 2018

Today the boys got their first look at daddy managing a baseball game. Although we only made it through about three innings because of the Florida heat, and the boys weren’t entirely sure why daddy wasn’t playing, it was a milestone for us! This is David’s second year coaching and first year as a manager.  We are …

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Where Dreams Come True: A Reunion at Disney

By Camille | Jul 23, 2018

I have been MIA the last few weeks, and I am sorry.  My life has been sequestered by important life-altering decisions and commitments. Fortunately, I have surfaced on the other side of the mountain where light is everpresent and now I can focus my energies on following my bliss! I haven’t had time to share much online …

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Jethro at the Fountain

My Kids Have Allergies and Eczema, So These Are the Only Diapers I Use

By Camille | Jul 11, 2018

Disclosure: Some of the links below are Affiliate Links. Therefore, at no additional cost to you, if you click through and make a purchase, I will earn a commission.  I was compelled to write this post to help other mamas out.  The struggle to find a good diaper is real and for those of us who …

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David, me and boys

Why Thirty-One is More and Less Than I Imagined

By Camille | Jul 8, 2018

Today, I am thirty-one.  Is life in my thirties exactly how I imagined it? Not, exactly. Time has flown by, our perception moving upward and onward with every passing year. I have become wiser with age, this is true for everyone, but there is still so much to learn.  When we are young, opportunities are …

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Statue of Liberty - Fourth of July

Happy Independence Day

By Camille | Jul 4, 2018

Hi, ya’ll! Today is one of my favorite holidays of the year, America’s birthday! The fourth of July is sandwiched perfectly in the middle of the year and it is the ideal time to reflect on all we have to be grateful for, including the beauty and freedoms America affords us.  Per usual, David is at …

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